19 Best Moments in The Office

19. Asian Jim

There’s nothing like a good old fashion switcheroo. Asian, white, black…it’s just a foreshadow to Sabre’s Print in All Colors initiative.

18. When Andy takes sail

Manager of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch is a hefty job. You can’t blame the man for taking a few days, or months off. 

17. Fun Run

MIchael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure. I’m so glad they were able to find a nurse on such short notice. 

16. Dwight’s wedding

Get the tissues! But also get pumped to start The Office all over again.

15. Pam’s moment of courage

Really just an empowering moment for women everywhere. Take charge Pam! Make Pam manager! 

14. Mr. Buttlicker

How dare Dwight. The audacity. 

13. Jim’s proposal

Rain, gas station, meeting up halfway! Excuse me while I go scream cry in my pillow.

12. When Creed tests out his new skill in self-defense class

The Scranton Strangler better not go for Creed. He is well equipped with self-defense training and practice. 

11. When Dwight invents his own currency

I wonder how many Shrute bucks you need to buy a Shrute beet.

10. When Kevin eats broccoli

Kevin’s an innovator through and through. Stalk side first…so creative.

9. When Michael declares bankruptcy

Me too brother. Me too.

8. When Jan brings her baby to the baby shower

The best part about a baby shower is the already born baby! Now what time do we all think the baby will be born?

7. When Creed shakes things up

Who has been making all the copies? That darn ink must have a leak.

6. Prison Mike

Dementors are no joke. I’m just glad he survived.

5. When Dwight takes things into his own hands

A mule deer? Less than ten minutes. The skin of an organ donor? Mere seconds. 

4. Dinner party

Same time next month? I think there’s a rerun of Glee on Friday!

3. Boom roasted

I wonder if he wore his robe and crocs while sitting at his kitchen table to write these all out.

2. Electric city rap

The boys have real talent. Simon Cowell has just yet to discover them.

1. Kevin spilling the chili

We all come together in the pot. I don’t mind a few strands of Meredith’s hair. I mean come on, he was up all night pressing the onions!