Top 19 Ways to Become a Redneck

19. Have a pair of ripped jean shorts

When ever it’s too hot out look for your iconic jean shorts. These bad boys will keep you cool all day. Not to mention you’ll be looking stylish all day too. 

18. Knows a guy

Whenever you’re talking to your friends about the problems you tell them you know a guy that can help. This can be someone like a mechanic to a lumberjack. You always know a guy that can fix your problems.

17. Have a “project car”

Always have that dream car you want to get up and running in your garage. The key is to never get it actually up and running. It’s best to just be able to bring it up in conversation and talk about it.

16. Like dip but not the ranch kind

If you don’t have a fat lip constantly, you’re doing it wrong. Always pack that chewing tobacco in your lip. Preferably non pouches so you can put more in your lip.

15. Like Kyle Busch

Always be decked out in Kyle Busch gear. Always represent the best nascar driver. Also make sure you got the iconic Kyle Busch bomber jacket.

14. Camo

You need to have at least one piece of camo clothing. Even if you don’t hunt camo is a must. Also fight anyone who makes the dumb camo joke.

13. Have a Fishing rod in your car

You always got to be ready to go fishing. Make sure you got your fishing rod with your favorite lure on it. Even if it pokes your passengers make sure you got that rod ready to go.

12. Always wear boots even in the summer

Whether its cowboy boots or hiking boots they never leave your feet. Even if you’re sweating in them they’re a necessity. Never know when you need to get to work.

11. Eminem is the only rapper you can listen to

To you all rap is trash and unnecessary. Eminem gets a pass and you will listen to him, most of his old stuff though. If you know why it’s only him, then you know.

10. Sunday is for football

You always have to watch the Sunday game. It is also optional to have the boys over to watch together. You must have chips or pretzels out as well. 

9. Saturdays are for the bois

When it comes to saturdays you make all the time for the bois. Whatever you’re doing its done with the bois. No girls allowed. 

8. Have a pick-up from the  90’s 

You need that good beat up truck to get all your work done. It should be preferably from the 90’s. Because who has the money for a fancy pick up. 

7. Have a boat

Weather it’s hunting or fishing you got to have a boat. It’s that same matte green. Also the motor needs to be from the 90’s

6. Rebel flag

You must have a rebel flag somewhere. Wether it’s a sticker on your truck or a flag flying on a poll. You’re a rebel let everyone know.

5. High School star quarterback

You need to always brag to your friends about how you were the star quarterback in highschool. You must also include how you could have gone pro if you didn’t tear your ACL. Also you must go to every home game. 

4. Drink Bud Light

Bud Light is like holy water for a redneck. You should have at least a twelve pack in your fridge. Also have Bud Light merch everywhere.  

3. Hank Williams is a must

If you want to be a redneck you must listen to country music. Hank Williams is at the top for artist you should listen to. If someone says they don’t like country you must fight them.

2. Always have “a tool for That”

Everything breaks at some point in time and you should have a tool ready for any situation. It can be something as simple as a hammer. But if you’er a little daring you can carry a rock around with you and make it work. 

1. Mullet

A mullet is always needed for all occasions. You want to look professional in the front for when you’re buying your new boat. But when you go to the back it’s all party when Saturday comes around.