12 Best Christmas Trees

For the 12 days of Christmas, my true love gave to me, the 12 best Christmas trees.
Looking for the most spirited trees out there to inspire you for this Christmas season? Look no further, here is a list of the top 12 trees.


File:Christmas trees and decorations in Christmas shop in Brisbane, Australia, 2020, 01.jpg

Location: Brisbane, Australia
This tree is just too gaudy. Points for using traditional colors though.


File:US National Christmas Tree 2001 A.jpg

Location: White House, USA
Can you say gaudy again? When decorating a Christmas tree it is traditional to use white or yellow lights. You start using these different colored lights and it takes away from the holiday aesthetic.


File:Christmas tree at 2 Edward Street, Brisbane, Queensland, 2019.jpg

Location: Brisbane, Queensland
How can this even try to call itself a Christmas tree? Wrong color, you can see right through it, not even an evergreen… The only thing it has going for it is that there are presents underneath it.


File:8213Baliwag Recyled Giant Christmas Tree 01.jpg

Location: Baliuag, Bulgaria
First look, this tree is pretty ugly. Barely any classic colors, disproportionate, and it’s not even a real tree, but the message of it gives it some points. This tree is made out of all recycled and repurposed materials. Because of that, it’s made it onto the top 12 list.


File:The Christmas Tree in the area of Syntagma.jpg

Location: Athens, Greece
It loses points because it isn’t a real tree, but it looks pretty cool like it’s made out of film.


File:Christmas tree at Chevron Island, Queensland, 2019.jpg

Location: Chevron Island, Queensland
Now this one is a little more subtle, but what’s with raising it so far off the ground? You have to bend your neck to be able to admire it or stand far back.


File:Christmas tree in a house on MacIntosh Island, Queensland.jpg

Location: MacIntosh Island, Queensland
We’re seeing some improvement, this one’s actually on the ground. I like that they used the traditional colors, but why use such big ornaments? If you look closely some of the other ornaments are odd looking too. And they could consider using a real tree skirt instead of tinsel.


File:Christmas tree in private house in Brisbane, Australia 2019.jpg

Location: Brisbane, Australia
This tree looks a lot better. The ornaments aren’t as odd and the tinsel is thoughtfully draped on the branches. Again though, it’s lacking a real tree skirt.


File:Christmas Tree at Toronto City Hall - 20190101.jpg

Location: Toronto, Canada
Major points to this one for being a traditional tree and using the classic Christmas colors. One downside is that it’s a little sparse in a couple areas.


File:A Christmas tree in Patriarshy Ponds, Moscow.jpg

Location: Moscow, Russia
This one is going for the Au Naturel style. The snow adds a classic touch and the ornaments are subtle but pretty.


File:Christmas tree St. Johnsbury Welcome Center downtown St. Johnsbury VT December 2018.jpg

Location: St. Johnsbury, Vermont
This tree is a beautiful classic tree. The lights are the classic white, the ornaments red and gold. The only thing missing is the tree skirt.


File:Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts - Raleigh Memorial Auditorium - Christmas Tree - Front View.jpg

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
This is as close to perfect as you can get in a Christmas tree. It’s full, has the classic lights, and there’s plenty of room for people to gather around it.