12 Best Songs To Chill Out Too

12. Pressure Drop

Year: 1968
This song is the perfect blend of relaxation and upbeat thrills! Always a great time to have the pressure drop!

11. Dancing On Glass

Year: 2016
Dancing On Glass is a fun song to jam to when you’re alone or with a group!

10. Hey Ya

Year: 2017
Such a great song for those warm summer nights!

9. Straightjacket

Year: 2017
Such an upbeat fun song with vibes and hype.

8. Marlboro Nights

Year: 2018
A quick upbeat jam that gives you the summer vibes that just won’t quit!

7. Brighter Blue

Year: 2018
Brighter Blue is a color everyone is trying to get to.

6. Sports

Year: 2018
Truly a song to vibe with.

5. Sour Patch Kids

Year: 2014
If this does scream summer vibes to you, you are not living in the right state.

4. 24 / 7 / 365

Year: 2017
The vibes continue on and on.

3. Kilby Girl

Year: 2019
Such a lovely tune for a drive with the top down.

2. we fell in love in october

Year: 2018
Just a song to truly chill too.

1. Palm Trees

Year: 2019
Nothing is better than laying under the palm trees.