12 of the Best Phrases to Say/Hear On the Golf Course

Golf is a game of misery, anger, rewards, joy, and everything in between. It can drive a man mad or make him feel like a million bucks. There’s no in between. Although it’s a complex game, it has some great one liners. These are the 12 best phrases to hear or say on the course.

12. “It stayed in bounds”

Yeah I found it!”

Lets face it, not every shot is gonna be great…or even good. But sometimes, it’s better to be lucky than good. When you’re almost positive that your ball is in the woods, and then you find it right next to the out of bounds marker, that’s a good sight and feeling.

11. “I got a bead on it”

“Never even saw it”

Sometimes the sun sucks. When you look up from your shot and you’re immediately blinded by the sun, you can lose track of your ball pretty easy. But when you hear this phrase from your buddy sitting in the cart, it gives you a little bit of relief. That’s why you brought em on the course in the first place right?

10. “That’ll play”

“Now why can’t I do that every time?”

Hitting a nice drive feels good enough as it is. To see it go right down the fairway is a good sight. But when your buddy who just doubled the last two holes says this from the back of the tee box, it makes the sight a little more sweeter.

9. “That’s a mush”

“Where was that all day?”

Similar to the last phrase, driving a good ball can feel really good. For some golfers, accuracy doesn’t matter much. They just want to hit it as far as they can. So when you hit one straight AND far, it turns in to what we in the golf community call “mush”.

8. “I think I have a shot”

“Nah I’m gonna play it”

You hit it into the woods again. Great…you’re never gonna get ou…hold on. You see there’s a space in between the 4 trees in front of you. You can’t even get the ball on the green from the wide open fairway, but you tell yourself you can get it on from the woods riddled with lost balls and beer cans. But hey, Tiger wouldn’t take a drop, so why should you? (Trees are also 90% air)

7. “You’re dancing”

“First birdie putt of the day”

You haven’t had a nice approach shot all day. You’ve been in every bunker or rough on the course it seems like. But when you watch your shot head right for the green and land soft…it brings a warm feeling to your heart. When your buddy says this from the cart after his landed 20 yards short, you have to crack a little smile.

6. “I didn’t think you hit it this far”

“I’m telling you, it’s here somewhere”

You hit a pretty solid drive. Nothing to complain about for sure. So you hop in the cart with your buddy and head down the fairway. You’re going and going as your buddy swears you passed it, but you know better. You find your ball at the end of the fairway as your buddy says this from the cart in pure and utter disbelief.

5. “Pull the Pin”

That’s right at it”

Sometimes when you hit a putt, you get a feeling about it. It looks good, you look good, and it’s heading for the back of the cup. You tell your buddy who picked up his ball after 3 putting to pull the pin out as your ball drops right in.

4. “That’s a good looking putt”

“Get in…get in….GET IN!”

This phrase and the last sort of go hand in hand. Like the last phrase, some putts just look and feel good. You can tell as soon as the balls leaves the putter whether it could be good or not. But when you’re buddy who already snapped his second putter this season says this to you, it just confirms your intuition.

3. “No Penalty”

“Just drop it, you’re good”

Sometimes you’ll hear this phrase for a few different reasons. It could be to keep the pace of play up if you don’t have time to look for your ball. Maybe if there was an extenuating circumstance that caused your ball to go out of bounds. It might have even been your buddy who gave a nice beer burp right on your down swing. Either way, you saved a stroke.

2. “You’re good” and/or “Pick it up”

“You want me to tap it in or am I good?”

The only thing better than hitting the green is hitting the green right next to the flag. Some shots are just automatic. Like a wide open layup on a fast break, people just assume you’ll make that easy 2 foot putt. So when your buddy says this phrase while he lines up his mile long putt from the fringe, you get a little tingle as the ball hits your pocket.

1. “IT WENT IN!”

Did that actually go in? No seriously…”

Whether it’s your drive on a par 3, your second shot on a par 4, or even a simple chip in, this is BY FAR the best phrase you could ever hear your buddy scream from the cart after he shanked his into the woods. You might never do this again in your golfing career, so soak it all in.