12 Worst Names of all time

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Names are important and should be chosen very carefully. Here are some that personally, I think you should avoid.

12. Seven

Seven is a number and shouldn’t be used as a name. This goes for every other number as well.

11. Sunday

Sunday is the name of a day of the week. Similar to numbers, it should stay that way.

10. Bob

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Out of every name possible, this cannot be the one that stood out to you.

9. Ron

It sounds so old and tired. Lets just pick something else.

8. Susan

This is just a lesser version of the dreaded Karen.

7. Tyson

This just reminds me of the chicken nugget brand. May we suggest you pick something else?

6. Carole

Carole Baskin killed her husband, wacked him!

5. Carl

Carl is somehow the nerdiest and dorky name I’ve ever heard.

4. Apple

Stop it. It’s a fruit not a name

3. Dolores

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ruined it.

2.  X Æ A-12

I don’t have to explain this one.

1. Karen

The internet really ruined this. Just spare us this one in the future.