The 12 Most Simple, but Satisfying Things in Life

We all know there are some things in life that shouldn’t make a person happy, but when they happen, for some reason, we feel euphoric. This is a list of the top 12, most simple, but satisfying things in life, and the items entered on this list, are not listed in any specific numerical order, we just had to number them…well because it is a list.

  1. A Full Tank Of Gas.

You know this economy, gas prices are all over the place, but there is no better feeling than having a full tank of gas. Even if you heard the inaudible sound of your online banking statement screaming at the money slowly getting syphoned out and into your gas tank.

2. A Perfectly Toasted Bagel.

If you’re into that of course, but truly there is no better satisfaction than a perfectly golden brown bagel. Heck, maybe it’s even a little burnt from the toaster, either way, we love a greatly toasted and warm bagel.

3. A Perfect Lawn.

You know, that feeling after you cut the grass and it’s just *perfect*. That’s right, we’re talking about those perfect stripe patterns, not a single blade left untouched. Pair it with a bucket hat and a John Deere tractor while wearing some denim overalls, okay that may be oddly specific, but we don’t judge.

4. The Way a Group of Penguins Walk

You may not have known it until now, but penguins walking may be one of the most satisfying things to watch. But now that we’ve brought this to your attention, you know how those cute little guys and gals waddle, that’s the satisfaction that we are talking about.

5. Free Food.

If you have never received some sort of meal or snack for free, that’s a bloody shame. Nothing is better than getting something, that you like (or maybe that you don’t) for free, especially when it is food. When things are free, we don’t even care if we don’t like it, we’re just gonna eat it. Think about Halloween, no kid (or adult) will ever turn down some free sugar, or an awesome meal that someone else paid for.

6. Curling Up in a Warm Blanket.

You know the drill, you grab your favorite blanket and curl up on the couch and watch a horrible rom-com at the end of a long day with a tub of ice cream, don’t even pretend that you haven’t done this, we all have. Although cold foods and warm blankets are counter intuitive, people live for it. Especially when they are fresh out of the dryer. You’ve probably never met a person who said they didn’t want another blanket, why do you think everyone loves a good blanket fort?

7. A Fully Charged Cellphone.

You know when you wake up and your phone is fully charged. Nothing beats a fully charged cellphone to start your day. Endless possibilities with a full battery bright and early.

8. Straightening a Crooked Picture on the Wall.

You walk into your friend’s new house and see a bunch of crooked picture frames. As you go through the home and slowly straighten each frame. It is the principle of leaving a place better than when you found it, and every time this happens, we feel so much better after. Even if this satisfying entry is based off of a slight obsessive streak.

9. Popping Bubble Wrap.

We all know this is the number one reason why we absolutely love ordering things online, because when we get to open the packaging it is so much more fun popping the bubble wrap than it is actually receiving what we ordered.

10. Walking Through Fallen Leaves.

Everyone loves fall because of its beautiful colors and all the falling leaves. Nothing is better than walking through a pile of leaves that are extra crunchy. If you never made a huge pile of leaves and then jumped in it when you were younger, are you really a person who loves fall?

11. Cracking an Egg Perfectly.

Cracking an egg is definitely one of the hardest easiest tasks a person can do. Unfortunately, almost every single recipe involves cracking an egg or two. Nothing is better than when you crack it perfectly and no pieces of the shell end up in your bowl.

12. Returning Home After Time Away.

Although this entire list is full of satisfying things, arguably, the most relatable thing on this list is the feeling that you get when you come back home after not being there after some time (whether that is a few hours or a few weeks) and sitting down on the couch or finally being able to sleep in your own bed again.