Top 12 Best 80s Movies

12. Labyrinth

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Annoyed with her baby brother, a young girl wishes him away and is surprised when he disappears. Now she must find her way through a labyrinth to save him from the goblin king, before time runs out.

11. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

High school aged, Ferris Bueller pretends to be sick to get out of going to school. Ferris does everything he can to make it his best day off and drags his friends along with him.

10. The ‘Burbs

If you have ever experiences life in the suburbs than this is the movie for you. Tom Hanks plays a stressed out man dealing with his life in the suburbs. New neighbors move onto his street, leading to a series of hysterical events. The residents of the neighborhood try to out their new neighbors as members of a cult.

9. Gremlins

Getting a new pet is fun and exciting, right? Except this pet has three vary important rules. When a boy breaks these rules, he must deal with the consequences as monsters wreak havoc on his town.

8. The Goonies

A group of friends go in search of a treasure to try to save their homes from being demolished.

7. The Terminator

A cyborg from the future tries to kill a woman, her fate will change the world. It is up to one man to travel back in time to stop the cyborg from changing the fate of the world. A movie with some of the greatest one-liners in any movie.

6. E.T.

In this classic, a young boy finds an alien and must help it return to its home planet. Through this unlikely friendship, he must find a way to help the alien escape earth.

5. Ghostbusters

A group of men create a business to hunts ghosts for people. This movie is a classic of the 80s and a great comedy.

4. Predator

In one of Schwarzenegger’s many great works, a group of soldiers must fight for their lives against an alien in the middle of the jungle.

3. Die Hard

Bruce Willis brings us the greatest Christmas movies of all time with his film Die Hard. In this movie, a police officer must fight terrorists while being locked in at the Christmas party of his wife’s work.

2. The Running Man

A man fights for his life on a TV program to try to win his freedom. Combining a televised fight for your life game, similar to The Hunger Games, and a dystopian world, reminiscent of Escape from New York. After being wrongly convicted, this man must clear his name and kill all of his opponents to survive.

1. The Thing

Watch as researchers try to survive in the Antarctic, while being hunted by an alien. This movie is one of the greatest horror movies of the 80s with an ending that will leave you wanting more.