12 of the BEST Adam Sandler Outfits

12. Adam in a Superman Shirt

As you’ll see throughout this list, basketball shorts and baggy tees are a staple for Sandler. This monochromatic look screams comfort, yet valor when paired with the Superman t-shirt.

11. Adam in Cargo Shorts

If this look were to be categorized, it would fall under “Business Casual, but Comfortable.” The striped v-neck shirt tucked into the cargo shorts dresses the outfit up, while the basketball sneakers keep the look comfortable.

10. Adam in a Shaq Jersey

The Shaquille O’Neal basketball jersey paired with the red and gray t-shirt definitely made a statement on the Jay Leno show. Like ketchup and mustard, the combination of red and yellow makes Sandler look like a SNACK.

9. Adam in a Meme Shirt

Coming in at number 9 is Sandler sporting a meme shirt. This outfit really showcases his “kid at heart” personality. It also makes him more appealing to younger generations — who doesn’t like a good meme?

8. Adam in a Collared-shirt

The basketball shorts are back, baby! But this time, styled with a sleek, blue collared-shirt. This is the type of outfit that screams, “My wife told me I needed to dress up, so I put on a collared-shirt and dress shoes so she wouldn’t be mad.”

7. Adam in a Straw Sun Hat

The straw hat, plaid shirt, and basketball shorts combo is a look that we haven’t seen yet. This outfit says, I have a virtual meeting at 3:00, but a basketball game at 4:00.

6. Adam on the ‘The Tonight Show’

Pictured here is another one of Sandler’s statement looks — this time, featured on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. This outfit makes him seem human. Wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt on a talk show says, “I’m just a normal guy.”

5. Adam in a Puffy Jacket

Say what you want about Adam’s style, but puffy jackets are modern fashion. He knew what he was doing with this look.

4. Adam with a Fedora

Coming in at number four is fedora Adam. It’s classy. It’s sleek. It’s sophisticated.

3. Adam in a Groufit and UGGs

This outfit is simple, yet somehow, still charming. Though the look whispers walk of shame, the UGG boots show that Adam is a not afraid to break gender norms. (We love men who aren’t toxic <3)

2. Adam and the Mustard Yellow Shirt

We’ve all seen this ICONIC Adam ‘fit. It’s not often that we see him dressed so chic… Take a moment, soak it all in.

1. Adam in Pink Pants

Last, but most certainly not least, is pink sweatpants Adam. The color scheme, matched with the slim sunglasses give off sweatsuit Britney Spears vibes. It’s undoubtably his best look.