19 Best Twilight Characters

1. Seth Clearwater

This boy deserved the world. He is the most kind-hearted character in this film and would have done anything for his friends. Seth did not deserve that ending, bro.

2. Alice Cullen

Without question the cutest character in the series. Would kill for her friends. Not really involved in any drama in a negative way. Just here because she cares about her family.

3. Jasper Cullen

He didn’t care about the drama. Literally gave zero cares. Except for Alice who he treasured. I can definitely respect that.

4. Bella Swan

She just wanted someone to love and be loved in return. Can relate. Although she might have been a bit too thirsty. Please chill, my dude.

5. Billy Black

This dude also deserved better. A very kind, well-respected man. The cool uncle you want to spend an afternoon having a deep conversation with.

6. Emmett Cullen

He protected the family well and didn’t really cause any unnecessary drama (@ Rosalie). He stayed fairly neutral. Like Switzerland.

7. Esme Cullen

This woman was so kind. She was always there for whoever needed it. I wanted her to be my mom.

7. Carlisle Cullen

Also a very kind soul. Super wise beyond his looks. Like a grandpa in your dad’s body.

9. Edward Cullen

Really pretty edgy boy. Lots of self-loathing. Perfect hair, but kinda tiresome after about an hour.

10. Charlie Swan

He literally had no idea what was going on. Cared deeply for his daughter anyway. Really did try his best.

11. Jacob Black

Kinda whiney but cute. Didn’t really get the whole “imprint” thing or why it was even a thing. He did what he thought he was supposed to do. I will always stand with Bella on the Nessie argument though.

12. Leah Clearwater

Leah was so sweet, caring for her brother. A genuinely good female character in a universe that was lacking them. She always stood with her family.

13. Rosalie Cullen

Annoying. Why did she have to bring down the mood constantly? We get it. You’re jealous of Bella. It’s been how many decades?

14. Victoria

Amazing hair. Played by Bryce Dallas Howard, an icon. She needed to chill though.

15. Aro

Another Debbie Downer. Why are you like this? You really didn’t have to be this extra, homie.

16. Jane

No one likes her. Do I have to go into detail? She literally tore a head off a child.

17. Renesmee Carlie Cullen

What’s with the name? Why was that level of extra white mom necessary, Bella? Why did you have to do this to your child?

18. Marcus

Wise one of the Volturi. Probably the least morally awful while simultaneously the least interesting. He has some kindness, though.

19. Caius

Constantly brooding. Super cunning, which makes him very hard to trust. He could never be number one because he would definitely stab me in the back.