The Best 19 Holiday Barbies

19. 1990

I call this pink filth. The layers, the hair, the whole look is a mess. Someone call Queer eye, she needs some milk! 

18. 1995

Shoulders may be working but nothing else is! The hair is as wide as the dress, and the dress looks like a comforter.

17. 2006

I have no comments for this dress. It is so ugly and simple. This is a holiday darling, we need LIFE! 

16. 1993

This dress is supposed to be like a poinsettia. Poinsettia dear…I am so sorry. This looks like a loofa.

15. 1991

The sleeves are higher than my college debt. The sparkles need to be spread out on the dress. The purse is so cheap.

14. 1992

Who would want icicles dripping from their… cough, cough chest? Why does it look like there is foil everywhere? Girl, the only thing this can save you from… are aliens.

13. 2011

This looks like there is silverware underneath her dress. This idea must be from Gone With The Wind because all I see is curtain. Good hair and makeup though.

12. 2017

The designer’s must have made this boring dress and said “oh no it’s missing something”. So they put a giant STAR on her head and back. Now you just need to lift her into the sky so the wisemen know where to go!

11. 1997

This one was a huge part of my childhood so that is probably why it is lower. It still is ugly though. I know that.

10. 1996

This is giving me colonial Russian vibes. The hair is gorgeous, but the poofy white is not. Take that away and this could give more potential.

09. 1980

The poofy dress is LOVELY but I am not living for those sleeves. The bow is ugly and so is the necklace.

08. 2005

This is serving Ms. America vibes. The lips really tear me away from the look because of how over lined they are. The tiara and beauty mark make it though. Her eyebrows are vomitrocious! 

07. 2012

This is also a curtain and napkin combo but I know this trend was in. The hair and makeup are gorgeous and giving me Marilyn Monroe. However, I also see a comforter in this look.

06. 2019

This is a trend that is very in right now, but I don’t enjoy how they executed this style. I feel like the candy cane vibe is overrated. I enjoy the hair and makeup though.

05. 2004

 She looks gorgeous in this dress. I love the velvet green. It is glamorous but also looks cozy!

04. 2015

This was a gown that screams 2015. I love the bottom sides but the middle part is a William Shakesphere TRAGEDY. Fix that and hair and this could be a better look.

03. 2009

The makeup, the hair, is giving me 60s living, and the dress was so iconic in the 2009 year. This is a way to make pink look amazing for the Holidays! Love the gold trim.

02. 2002

This is such a unique dress. The color is STUNNING, and the sparkles are light. The hair is straight from Ariana Grande’s wig closet. 

01. 2018

TENS, TENS, TENS ACROSS THE BOARD HONEY! This is giving me Rihanna’s Met-Gala look! Very in right now and such a beautiful red shade but I would cut back with the necklace and let the neck speak itself.