Top 19 Hottest Hunks of Hollywood

19. Bradley Cooper

Though the American Sniper actor is well regarded for his acting and directing chops, we can’t deny that Bradley’s also an absolute dream. Though recently he’s lost points due to the scraggly beard;  his 6’2 frame, wavy hair, and baby blue eyes keep him comfortably on the list.

18. Paul Rudd

Sometimes called “ageless,” this 50 year old(I know right?) Ant-Man star charmed millions with his humor and nice personality. All this aside, the baby face and square jaw don’t hurt!

17. Chris Pratt

Though known to often stumble in the diet department, this Parks and Recreation actor is a no-doubt hunk when he needs to be. The large frame and muscular physique paired with classic leading man looks have catapulted him to stardom.

16. Channing Tatum

This spot of course goes to Magic Mike himself. Channing Tatum may have the look and physique of a typical action star, but he’s proven that he has both comedic and dramatic talent. Also, he can dance!

15. John Krasinski

Breaking out as the sarcastic Jim in NBC’s The Office, John Krasinski has since gone on to many projects. Though not the most traditionally handsome, Krasinski’s charm and innocence make him an absolute hunk.

14. Ryan Reynolds

Though the new “silver fox” look keeps him out of the top ten, there’s no denying that Ryan Reynolds is one of the most charming and handsome actors working today. From Van Wilder all the way to Deadpool, we’ve been watching his performances and ogling that pretty face.

13. Chris Hemsworth

At a towering 6’3, this Australian Thor star is the definition of a man’s man. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a smile that could make anyone melt; he truly is worthy.

12. Leonardo DiCaprio

Everyone knew this was coming! For over 25 years, this dream has had us wishing we could be the Rose to his Jack. An incredibly talented thespian with a million dollar smile, DiCaprio is

11. Ryan Gosling

Funny, dramatic, and he can play the piano! Ryan Gosling is an actor’s actor, and one of the most handsome hunks working today.

10. Mel Gibson

Regarded as one of the hottest actors of the 1980s, Mel Gibson has found an entirely new dimension with his sagely gray beard and false teeth.

9. Orson Welles

Regarded as one of the finest auteurs of cinema, Orson Welles is also not hard to look at. That trademark sneer and burly frame made him desirable to women all over.

8. Gary Busey

A powerful force onscreen for over 40 years, Gary busey has also wowed ladies and gentlemen alike with his beautiful green eyes, sandy blonde hair, and perfect teeth.

7. W.C. Fields

This incomparable comedian starred in such films of The Bank Dick and Follow the Boys, where he showed not only his comedic talent but his dapper appearance. His trademark nose and beady eyes outclass most modern men of today.

6. Iggy Pop

Though known mostly for his music, Iggy Pop acted in a few films where he showed both prowess and his dashing good looks.

5. This Guy from Escape from New York

The guy at the beginning of Escape from New York. The guy who captured the president.

4. My Dad

Not a Hollywood actor, but a great guy and a true hunk. This picture came from our trip to South Carolina!

3. Danny Devito

Self explanatory

Salacious Crumb

Salacious B. Crumb. Jabba the Hutt’s jester.

1. Brad Pitt

Last, but certainly not least! This Interview with the Vampire star has endless charisma and style, and has aged like fine wine. Definitely at the top of any definitive list of sexiest, coolest, and most talented stars working today.